Hey how’s it going guys how everyone’s weekend going?!?

Well I have to get work so I’m writing this on the way so check me out with the whole multi-tasking anyways I’ve been researching about blogging and it tells you that you’ve got to increase the size of the font so this the tester! And to be honest I don’t actually like it this big so I’m going to change it back to what I had it before …. back to default setting ha ha

Sorry for lack of contact since RSVP Dinner Date! I have been busy working my little butt off! Making sure that I land my promotion for work which I got thank you kindly 😀 Going in the right directions for sure! But before I even get started, but I’ve kids of lost 2 previous blog spots that I was going to publish but they’ve seem to have gone for a walk somewhere and I haven’t got a clue as to how, or even where they’ve gone or how that came about, but hey there gone now anyways so that’s that LMAO 😂

I’ve just gone to my local shop to top up my electric key and I have been using the same shop for nearly 6 years now since I moved into my flat and they’ve been taken over by new management and I think that the new people that have taken over have an issue with me or they’ve got a bee in their bonnet and just want to cause a problem for people (me) that haven’t got the time for dumb stupidity.
Let me run this by you for a hot minute so you can understand why I have not got the time for unnecessary ball ache!?! Now I have gone into the store to top up my electric key. I’m currently on emergency so you know the score it starts beeping at ya, then you need to top it up! I’ve got food in my freezer that I don’t want to spoiled so I asked the shopkeeper a simple question, as I forgot for a split second if they accepted bank cards!

No we do not accept card

Ok! This shopkeeper is a total douche or something along those lines. Am I right or am I right?? Well as thinking that they have definitely lost their senses and didn’t understand! Just take the dumb payment from my card and be done with it! I’ve got places to be right now dummy!

Even though I’ve been using the shop for many years and I’ve used my bank card to pay for my electric in the past, so now I’m thinking to myself, like seriously what is your problem?! You clearly do accept card, you just don’t want to accept mine for some stupidity but I ain’t got the time to go full out devil on your backside, because I’ve got to get to work as I have to be there for the delivery that we always get on Fridays as well as clean all the lines that are used to serve the customers their drinks 🍷 I will say this one thing thou that I had a little slip of the tongue 👅 and put them in their place because they were rude and as you guys know, I’ve got to get to work so really haven’t got the time for stupidity, but we are going to let that previous comment fly past our heads and move on. Truth be told we’ve already come up with a conclusion in our mindset that they’ve got a headache or something seriously wrong like head trauma (NOPE! Totally Fine People) …. By this point I’ve had enough because I still need to get to work, so I casually walk out the shop, I have then quickly dashed back to my house, opened up my front door, and in that same movement I’ve managed to keep the door open with my foot, open the electric cupboard put the key into the meter, which is now fully topped up so the food is now safe people! The front door is now locked all nicely and that was that. Got the work with time to spare which was a good I got everything that was needed for that day and was able to open up the pub doors for a 4pm start! Life is good as they say.

What do you guys think so far guys I would love to see your comments and feedback 💘

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