RSVP Dinner Date!

The Young Ones – Age 11 in my form class 7C and our form teacher that I will admit I can’t remember her name or I would of told you it by now, but the first of many tutors that I came into contact during that first year of my education, when I actually look back at it all and look at the issue at a different prospective and then be there thinking and have a slight worrying picture in that young fragile mind that we all have at that age … Outsider looking I would automatically think Shit! And then have all these crazy thoughts going through your mind, as to where you think your schooling is going to take you or if you forgot anything that you needed to bring home from school and you’ve gone and left it on the ledge of the window by the art table, which I will add I have and had done on different days only because I was doing Art for my GCSEs I would of been there for longer as I had more crap to do before I could even leave the classroom let alone the school gates like for real! I’ve just remembered about something else that I can mention talk about in the next post that will make this part of it make sense! Trust me and the method of my madness and various other stuff … again another post Back to this … This feeling for me and my age was huge and I wanted this whole feeling and emotion continue with me on this educational boat trip! Not just for me but all the other kids that were in the same class room fresh faced looking good and clean in my new School Uniform that my mother went to go get for me, I know this because I had to come with her so that we all knew where people were at all times! South East London Secondary Warwick Park. My mother, told me that when she was my age that she and 1st cousin went to the same school.
According to her the school had its own swimming pool, but by the time I starting attending the school they decided to empty the pool and brick it up, which I actually think and still do to this day, that the reasoning behind getting rid of the swimming pool was the most random and a stupid thing to do in my opinion but hey that’s life isn’t it?!?!

I was doing well in my lessons and getting the questions right, which some of my other class mates, that didn’t know the answer and shouting out some next thing for something different and then I put my hand up to answer the question and I got it done, because funny thing about it is that I did at some point in my childhood like science and wanting to know more about it, but then quickly flew out my head quick time and I was onto the next hyped up experience I wanted to try out for myself. Also my mother and the teacher lived in like the same area i think she told it was, something like that I can’t remember but apparently they lived in the same ends so we were “cool” Everything was going good when it was coming down to going to my lessons and actually doing something that would not just stimulate my brain, but also I would be getting the education that every child wanted to get. The vibe and sensations I was getting during the first year was overwhelming, but not that long lasting as before I could properly get comfortable with my whole new surroundings then I would be good, but actually when you come to think about it properly the whole process that every parent goes through once their children have finished primary school and all the kids are off from anything relating to school, for what seems like a life sentence for some parents, the other parent are boss ass bitches! Yes I said it I called the first swear word on this thing lol! No but on a real though, and I need to be real with you! I actually the amount of times I have been wanting to actually say a swear word! Like seriously because I am what you call “Sexual Chocolate” it in a flash. (Well that is what I thought of anyways) Anyone who was starting their first days at a secondary school will understand the various different emotions and feelings one person will endeavour. It was a interesting sensation that I will not like to experience again anytime soon. But some people but have a different outlook to how their school experience was for them. This was the calm before the storm as everyone says one point in their life, but I’ll break it down for you!

I was around 13-14 and I was at that stage to start to pick my options for my GCSE’s at first I knew what my options were going to be and I even had my backup options that we had to pick just in case my main choices was fully booked.

because my school was in the ghetto and was being run and managed by some of the boat ghettoes as fuck people, my lovely head of year decided to do a magic trick which NEVER worked and the tit (yes I call my head of year a tit) lost all of the option forms that the whole year had done so we all then had to do them all over again, but at this stage the majority of the options had already been taken up by the students so I was stuck with my crappy backup plan:

  • Art
  • Double Science  
  • Business Studies 
  • Graphic Design 

I know that they were more but I my brains gone to sleep but if I remember them I will add them at the end. So the rundown thus far is as follows. Prior years I was predicated 5 A*- C but then roll into me coming out as gay 🌈 in the most ghetto as fuck school which was not the best way for me to do it. I fancied a guy in the school and at the time I was (kinda still am) very gullible beyond belief, but I will admit that I have been giving it my all since my schooling, but still a work in progress I have to say. At the time I did think that I had friends at school (see the gullible side coming out yet?!?) But I was informed from a girl that was in the form room below mine (cant remember her name) she goes on to tell me that the guy in question Michael  had the same feelings for me as I had for him. “You all know what is going to happen, but still carry on reading”

So me a very gullible, young teenager who has just come out to the world, well the friends at school that I was rolling with. I will admit the majority of the people I hanged out with were female, not because I was gay it was basically the fact that I felt comfortable being around them, but even that didn’t stop them. Apparently they all knew that I was gay even before I did or was even given the chance to see nor work it for myself, so then I would be able to come to terms with it a lot more better than I done prior. . Anyways this so she tells me that I should write him a letter telling him how I was feeling and all that good stuff “yes this bitch did write a letter and gave it to her” twat features decides to put the letter that I had wrote to him in her purse and rock into her own form room as we all needed to go for our final registration and then get going for our last lessons of the day.


I’m just chilling in the classroom as it’s the last registration for the day as I had my last class of the day to attend which was Maths. I’ll just say this me and Maths have a love/hate relationship but that’s a whole different blog post. Finishing off registration so that we can all wait for the bell to go so we can go to class, when I noticed that Michael was standing outside of my form class, but he wasn’t alone he was with his mate who I didn’t like so I kinda had a bad feeling about what was going to happen once the final bell went for class. My heart was beating some crazy ass beats once both mine and Michael’s eye connected. Both Michael and his mate were calling me to come out of the classroom so he can talk to me, at this point again my mind is going into overdrive and I am panicking about what is going to go down once I get out of the classroom. But before I could do anything the final bell goes and it’s starts to get busy with all the other students going to their last lessons before heading home for the day. So at this point there is me, Michael and dog face, we start walking out to the back entrance towards the Design and Technology block, we then start walking around it towards the football pitch, but this time we are now behind the Graphics room and then the fun stuff is about to go down.

Remember, Close Your Mouth Cos This Will Shock You

Once we have got to where we needed to be away from everyone, the questions have begun and I need to answer them.
Michael: “Did you write the letter Leon?” this question was asked to me more than once. Each time it was asked my response was always: “No” Well this lovely letter that I wrote and gave to twat features had been read out loud in the classroom so everyone was able to hear what I wrote. After a while I gave up at this point and I just said “yeah I did write the letter” and with that I automatically said sorry for it! While I talking and saying sorry for even listening to her in the first place because then none of this would be happening to me at this moment, I noticed in the corner of my eye that he had his right hand clinched into a fist and the words “sorry” flew from his lips and all I remember is his fist come up and hit the corner of my head hard that it knocked me out cold, but before that I’m span around twice and ended up on the floor in mud, it had been raining all day that day which is always fun!! But I’ve FINALLY woken up from being knocked out and I quickly get up and check myself and the half of me is covered in mud mud and I’m wet, cold and half of me and my uniform, are now wet and covered in mud!!

The only thing I was worried about was getting away from him and just going to my last lesson. Michael wanted to know where I was going and when I said that I was going to maths he straight up told me not to go to the lesson and with that being said I started walking back as if I was going to maths, but I just carried on walking and I walked out of school and because I was looking like shit with mud all down one side of my school uniform I carried on walking and I just walked home and yes I was crying while I was going home. I managed to get home before my mum got home from work. I took off my uniform and dashed the whole thing in the washing machine and got myself into some joggers and a random t shirt that I had lying around and just sat on the sofa, waiting for my mum to come home from work, making out to her that we were able to get out of school a little bit early which we all know was a flat out lie and we were going to roll with the punches till I can go to bed and just forget about where I was prior to being at my current location. Head of Year got involved which I can now see and justify the actions, but then when you actually think about it, not really I wasn’t hurting anyone’s feelings personally. They should be feeling blessed that I thought you were something to look at, but there you go! So I feel like crap inside and out I just wanna get to bed, so this is what we done till I had to get up the next day for school…

Lunchtime at school the day after I’ve just been knocked out cold and woke up in mud! Nice look going on right there if I don’t say so myself. I can laugh about it no worries now, but when I’m coming to fully know that yes I am Gay and this is what I know I am and I will do what I gotta do regardless basically! Eye contact between me and Michael have not happen yet as I can not gather his location… He didn’t come back to school till Wednesday of that same week and from then on wards till we were about to start our GCSE’s and break from school for “Study Break” which I willing admit was some good times as we didn’t really need to be on the school grounds until we were doing our exams and to also collect our grades to take us on to college and the rest of your life …..

College is where your meant to know who you wanna be. I didn’t but did you??

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  1. Children can be so cruel. Unfortunately these types of actions, reactions and beliefs are a reflection of what they are being taught at a young age. I am looking forward to seeing what’s to come on here!

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    1. Yes your not the only one that thinks this way! But the society of today is still jaded and still under the influence that being gay is something out of the norm. For me it was different I knew I was different from everyone else I just didn’t know what till I started secondary school

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        1. Thank you ever so much it does mean a lot!!! Thank you also for taking the time in reading my blog post. I am in the process of sorting out a mailing list for everyone that follows the blog! Once you’ve subscribed to the mailing list you will be updated with the latest blog post directly into your inbox

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