22nd April 2009! I Didn’t Think I Would Make It If You Wasn’t With Me

I will say that I have had some rocky stages throughout my life that I can never take back, and honestly I have only myself to blame for my own actions and if my sister and my other family members were around me now they would tell me that I would need to speak to someone i.e the doctors about this whole thing, but honestly like their is so much, so many times that I can go to the doctors to seek out professional help because I have done it so many times now that I tend to find it hard for me to even pick up the phone to ring them. But I know that I have got to do it at some point, but to be quite honest I just choose not to do it an just deal with whatever problems come my way.

I’m so glad that my sister and I have disrespected in more way than one and that is another opportunity for me to do a post, just know this I love this fantastic lady with all my heart. The god would not know me inside and out like I this girl!! But this day that I’ve never been able to forget when my whole life, or the life that I thought I knew would be gone in an instant. and if she was not with me, I would not be on this planet BELIEVE!

Is This Real Or Am I Asleep

I was told I was HIV positive and honest to GOD! If she was not their that day I would not be on this earth and trust me when I tell you, that I am serious with what I am saying. I wouldn’t be here and I have to thank her from the bottom of my heart! I feel so alone right now it hurts, but the thing about it is that I don’t want to say anything to anyone, for the main reason is that I tend to bottle up a lot of my emotions and my feelings when its comes down to and I have done since the beginning of time. I have spoken to the professionals about what is going on with me inside my head, how I have suicidal tenancies that I sometimes, can never control.

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  1. Thanks for this share. Takes so much courage to first face your reality and then extending that reality out into the world. You’re fricking AMAZING!!!

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    1. Thank you so much for those kind words you don’t understand what that means to me! I have been toying with this post for months on end and I just thought “fuck it” and I just finished it and clicked publish! Anything that you would like me to do as my next post do let me know! I’ve also finally sorted out the email subscription for my blog I’ve got it sorted with Mailchimp! You will be able to get a personal email from me ( a welcome to the family ) kinda thing but you will also get other benefits once you’ve joined!

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      1. No problem at all, Love! again this was such an amazing PUBLISH. If you have IG we can connect there @Felicia.Divinity

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