How’s it going guys? I’m sorry for ghosting you guys! Well by my calculations and me actually going to check when my last blog post was sent! It’s been 4 day since!! So either I’ve been in a time warping machine or WordPress is malfunctioning. What do you Devilish Devils think???

I’ve got some news for you so get comfortable now.. Ready?

So where do I begin?? Hmmm well I was working my normal Friday morning shift as I was the supervisor that was the only person to do the clean down as well getting all the deliveries downstairs to the cellar and making sure that everything was all clean and ready for that day as I was the lucky person that would be opening up the pub on my own and then working until mostly till either 6 or 7pm that same evening. So you know that I was overly tired as fuck and I just wanted to leave and go home and pass out on my sofa (which I did by the way)

Well this particular Friday I was meant to be finishing my shift at 12pm as I took my laptop and all my stuff to do my studying/assignments that were closing in on me, I was just about to pack everything away so then I could just grab my stuff and bounce of course making sure that everything was locked up for security reasons, when I looked out the window to see the area manager and some other person that I’ve never met before turn up. Didn’t think anything of it at this time so I just walked round to the side door and opened it up and let them both in. Small talks were made and the area manager asked me how I was doing, and of course I answered him

Yeah matey all is well, I’m just sorting out the final stuff before heading home.

This is where it got interesting to say the least I can’t tell you that for sure. Next thing I know I’m being asked to come and sit down as he wanted to talk to me real quick. As soon as he said those words my heart started to beat faster than I’d like and I started to get worried as to why they wanted to speak to me. We’re now heading over to the seating area and we all sit down and this is where I find out what is going down!

Why is this happening?!? Why are you lying

So I’m sitting down in the booth with Mark (Area Manager) and the other dude that I don’t know their name and he begins to tell me why they are here and apparently their has been an accusation (if you can call it that) that has been brought to the attention of the management team and owners (this is where it gets interesting) I have been accused of sexual harassment towards another member of staff which shocked me like no mans business. The first words to come out of my mouth was “What?? You are joking around right?” His reply was no.

He wanted to get my side of the story and ask me a few questions which I answered and i fully said to the area manager “I know why this is happening to me” I then went on to inform him of the witness statement that my ex manager told me to write, which I did! But the funny thing about it is that I should of taken it out of the office and not leave it in the office because this wouldn’t of been happening to me, but it has so anyways!!

By the look on the area managers face I don’t think he even knew about the witnesses statement that I was talking about, so with that being said I quickly ran downstairs to the office and pick up said witness statement and give it to him and we carried on with the conversation. There was three separate witness statements that were done from three different people 1.The Chef 2. Newly Promoted Supervisor (which I brought into the pub cos she was looking for work) 3. And the person that I was meant to of sexually harassed.

Now straight away I can tell you all that I ain’t that type of person to do that to another person especially someone of the same sex and somebody who is autistic that’s just fucked up and straight up disgusting. Just because they didn’t like me from the jump (or when the new General Manager came in) they thought that they’d say some fucked up bullshit and get me dismissed from my job which I fucking liked.


Cut a long story short at the end of this conversation I end up getting suspended with full pay until a hearing can be held so then I can find out if I’ve still got my job or not! 15th December I was officially dismissed from The Black Horse Pub. I was informed via email from Rob who was the Operations Manager at the time that I would be able to appeal this decision, which I done, but I was not given the full information as to how appeals actually worked as this was the first one for me. Had the appeal with Rob and Caroline (Owner) to be told by Caroline that the decision was not going to be overturned due to the lack of information/evidence from my part. I wasn’t informed that I had needed to get letters/statements from outside sources that I would be able to use as my backup appeal so that I would be able to get the decision changed. And because I didn’t have any, they wasn’t going to change it.


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    1. Yeah I know right! Still currently unemployed and I’m on the verge of possibly losing my home thanks to them! But at the same time I can’t put all the blame onto them as it is my name on the rent boom after all. Now onto bigger and better things

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        1. Thank you ever so much for those kind words it does mean a lot to me! I have an interview for job that I found on JobToday that I’m looking forward to getting to but still not going to put all my eggs into one basket as they say

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            1. Thank you again! Well I’ve been to the doctors and asked them to put me back on my happy pills haha 🤣 but truth be told I’m trying to get my confidence back but it’s all a slow process


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