Court Is In Session, How Do You Plea? Guilty or Not Guilty

I signed myself to the Open University I decided that I was going to put myself forward to do something that was totally outside of my comfort zone and that was to BA with Honours Law.

As god as my witness I never in a million years would of thought that someone like myself would even think, let alone actually go ahead and go through their first year like I knew what any of the material online was all about, but I will say this I know that it was only the first year and they say that the first year is always the easiest part of anything that you get involved but then you try to carry on that same mentality from the beginning all the way through to the end. I cant tell you this for sure it never works out for anyone {well anybody that I know anyways}

Around this timezone I was working at Curry’s PC World as a Sales Associate I was working in the Visions Department (Telly Section) and then after me and the old General Manager had a rather shocking altercation, which I had to sign myself out of work for 1-3 weeks for mental health issues and bullying, I come to find out from one of the members of staff that I was friends, tells me that the manager has been transferred to another branch, and I automatically start to crack up laughing and dancing in my block, while I may add people were watching me and I didn’t care.

I was able to purchase myself a lovely little HP Printer, which came with I think free ink inside the box but I am not that sure if it did or not, but either way I also bought some extra ink that was comparable, purchased the whole thing with insurance cover and off I went home to plug it in and use as I had a lot of printing that needed to be done.

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The Judiciary will now sentence you to read on…

So it’s now time to take your seats ladies and let gentlemen was like a kid in a candy shop with this printer, 2 packs of white paper (possibly 3) and the ink that I managed to unpack and install into the printer without breaking it or the ink cartridge which is always a good things ha ha. I did have to of course, make sure that everything was installed correctly, before I started the whole printing game. It was all green light and ready to go and so was I.

Ideally I try to make sure that I’ve got everything done before hand, but if things happen that are out of my control then I’ll tend to panic and forget things that’s meant to be done and dusted! All I do know is that after finishing finally the two assignments that needed to be done has been sent off and marked!

Not best pleased, have to work harder than before