Coronavirus Lockdown🦠

Are we going to be able to survive this?? I do not think so This Coronavirus is affecting the world by killing people who have been on their holidays for businesses and also the general public on their own personal holiday season with their own counterparts and children. I have been trying to get some … Continue reading Coronavirus Lockdown🦠

Wtf! Am I Dreaming?!?!

How’s it going guys? I’m sorry for ghosting you guys! Well by my calculations and me actually going to check when my last blog post was sent! It’s been 4 day since!! So either I’ve been in a time warping machine or WordPress is malfunctioning. What do you Devilish Devils think??? I’ve got some news … Continue reading Wtf! Am I Dreaming?!?!

10 Years Positive

22nd April 2009! I Didn't Think I Would Make It If You Wasn't With Me I will say that I have had some rocky stages throughout my life that I can never take back, and honestly I have only myself to blame for my own actions and if my sister and my other family members … Continue reading 10 Years Positive

Dear Blue Eyes,

I decided to take this section out from My Friend Anxiety mainly because he deserved his own place! I feel so lost in this world without my anchor to keep me afloat in the sea of regrets Dear Blue Eyes, I've always been thinking to myself, well actually mostly all of the time, why am … Continue reading Dear Blue Eyes,