The Undergraduate v The Legal System

Court Is In Session, How Do You Plea? Guilty or Not Guilty I signed myself to the Open University I decided that I was going to put myself forward to do something that was totally outside of my comfort zone and that was to BA with Honours Law. As god as my witness I never … Continue reading The Undergraduate v The Legal System

Coronavirus Lockdown🩠

Tell me what you want from me?? Are we going to be able to survive this?? I do not think so This Coronavirus is affecting the world by killing people who have been on their holidays for businesses and also the general public on their own personal holiday season with their own counterparts and children. … Continue reading Coronavirus Lockdown🩠

Lawyer In The Making!

Well I have to admit that I am actually looking forward to getting myself back into my studies to be completely honest. The experience that I have gained for that short space in time I really did enjoy it and I have had an interesting ride on the study train, but I actually cant wait … Continue reading Lawyer In The Making!